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Meet our patients

Our patients are at the heart of everything we do

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Ruby’s Story


Ruby had just finished her first day at high school and while riding her pony, Nero, she suffered a horrific accident.

Ruby’s mum Sinead said: “I dread to think what would have happened if the air ambulance hadn’t been there. They really did provide lifesaving care. In the time it would have taken by ambulance, we had flown there by helicopter and had all the necessary checks and scans. I’m sure that without the North West Air Ambulance Charity Ruby would have lost her sight.”

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Emma and Lily’s Story

Jake Cowen

In January 2020, Jake, 27, was window cleaning at a property in Warrington with his dad, Chris. Suddenly, Jake fell from his ladder causing him to go into cardiac arrest. Before the emergency services arrived, Jake’s lucid state rapidly changed, as he suffered a seizure.

Hayley, a neighbour who was there at the time of the accident, commented, “I knew instantly that Jake needed CPR and that it would be critical to his survival, so I began performing chest compressions whilst my dad remained on the phone to the call handler.”

After a few minutes of CPR, a team of NWAS paramedics arrived. Due to the severity of his condition, the NWAA crew were alerted and arrived shortly after, providing advanced medical care which helped save Jake’s life. Both crews continued to treat Jake during his journey to Warrington General Hospital in the land ambulance. He was later transferred to Aintree Hospital where he spent four weeks recovering in the critical care unit. With the exception of a small amount of short-term memory loss, he is now well and back working with his dad.

Jake’s mum, Melanie, credits NWAA for saving her son’s life: “Jake is our only child and as a family we owe NWAA, the doctors, and the NHS so much. Their combined efforts saved both myself and his dad from losing the most important person in both our lives.”

Tommy Carroll

In August 2020, eight-year-old Tommy was caught in a horrifying burns accident after he was caught by the flames of a garden chiminea. After receiving first aid from his dad, Martin Carroll, NWAA was called to scene to provide critical treatment and airlift Tommy to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, where he spent six weeks in intensive care and underwent a gruelling thirteen rounds of surgery.

The terrifying accident has ended on a positive though. Now fully recovered, Tommy’s time in hospital ended up reuniting his parents, who had previously been separated for four years. Martin and Tommy’s mum, Kyra, reconnected during his recovery at Alder Hey and when he was finally able to return home, Martin began to spend more time in their family home to help care for Tommy and his younger brother Leo, bringing the family back together again.

Kyra Lee said: “On the day, things happened so fast that we never really got the chance to say thank you, but we are so grateful for what the air ambulance did for Tommy and our family. They were so kind and understanding on what was such a traumatic day. If the crew hadn’t got there so quickly, things could have been so much worse.

“In the weeks following the incident, Tommy had severe anxiety, but Martin and I are so proud to have our little boy back and to all be together again. In a way, his accident brought our family back together during one of the worst moments of mine and Martin’s lives.”

Alice Roberts

Alice, from Lancaster, was just 14 years old when she suffered several severe injuries when her horse bolted and collided with a Land Rover. Our crew arrived on scene, providing vital pre-hospital care before airlifting Alice to hospital.

“There’s no doubt the North West Air Ambulance Charity saved my life. My injuries included a fractured pelvis, clavicle and ribs, a ruptured diaphragm and a torn liver, stomach and kidney. Without the care they provided so quickly at the scene, before airlifting me to the Royal Preston Hospital, it’s unlikely I would have survived.”

Now, Alice dedicates her time to fundraising to support our charity. “Ever since my accident, my family and I have organised lots of different events to raise funds for the charity – my brother even ran an ultramarathon!

“We’ve raised over £10,000 in total, and it’s all worth it, the crew are literally lifesavers. You don’t need to be as crazy as my brother, as anything you can do, no matter how big or small, makes all the difference, and means the charity can continue saving lives for so many more years to come.”

Kai Clayton

Kai, now four, was left fighting for his life after a speeding truck collided into him in July 2020. A land ambulance was alerted, with NWAA flying to the scene shortly after.

The crew placed Kai in an induced coma at the side of the road, performing a rapid sequence induction (RSI), a procedure to manage his breathing whilst under anaesthetic. Kai’s mum, Sarah, recalled the traumatic day: “Once the police told me the air ambulance had arrived, I realised how serious the situation was. The crew were brilliant though. The doctor and paramedics reassured us, talking us through exactly what was happening and the procedures they were doing. I genuinely believe that without their care at the roadside, Kai wouldn’t have made the incredible recovery he has today.”

Travelling with the NWAA crew by land ambulance to Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital (RMCH), Kai underwent emergency surgery and spent two weeks in intensive care, before being transferred to another ward for further treatment. Discharged three months later, he has undergone intense physiotherapy ever since, relearning to walk, talk, breathe independently, eat and swallow. The determined youngster hasn’t let this slow his recovery and is already back to walking (with some wheelchair assistance) and enjoying school with his friends.

Sarah continued: “After the accident, I found out the air ambulance was completely charity funded, and I couldn’t believe it. You truly don’t appreciate how important the service is until you need them. Without NWAA and the RMCH team, Kai wouldn’t be where he is today. We’re all so proud of him.”

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