About us

Our vision:

To bring the hospital to the patient

Our purpose:

To fly the most advanced medical crew and equipment to patients when and where they need it most

Our helicopters and HEMS response vehicles operate 365 days a year, with highly skilled specialist doctors and HEMS paramedics on board providing enhanced pre-hospital care and hospital transfers to patients across the entire North West each year – an area covering 5,500 square miles and over 8 million people.

Since we launched in 1999, the charity has been called to over 24,500 missions across the region, with the service called out an average of three times a day. Each year we must raise over £12 million to remain operational. We receive NO government or NHS funding – it’s only thanks to the generosity of people like you that we can continue flying to save lives.

Each year we must raise over £12 million

We receive no government or NHS funding – it’s thanks to your generosity that we were able to attend over 2,500 incidents last year, making a difference to the lives of many throughout the region.

Flying to save lives

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blood biker volunteers and air ambulance crew together

Our partners

Working together to bring the best care to our patients.

helicopter in flight

Our story

Since 1999, we’ve been making a lifesaving difference.

crew performing checks

Donate now

With no government or NHS funding, it’s your generosity that funds our service.

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