We’re here to help you… even in school!

The North West Air Ambulance Charity has developed a bespoke education program which can be tailored to your needs. We offer presentations or assemblies to schools, colleges, universities and youth groups. We also offer an extensive range of learning resources that can be used in school or at home.

We have worked with a number of teachers to develop lesson ideas inspired by our lifesaving work, which have been carefully crafted to tie in with the national curriculum framework.

Book a presentation

We have been busy developing a brand new presentation specifically for schools, to introduce the North West Air Ambulance Charity to a younger audience in an engaging and informative way. The presentation covers important topics such as ‘people who help us’ and for the younger audience, what to do in an emergency situation. There are also lots of important details such as how we bring the hospital to the patient and help save lives.

EYFS resources

Our resources have been developed for us by teachers in school or at home.

This is a great resource for helping little ones practice pencil control.

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Our initial sounds peg matching game provides a way to practice phonics while learning about key parts of the charity.

Click here to download 

Learn numbers, addition and subtraction with this fun maths tool.

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Develop on the number resource sheet with this versatile resource leading to further mathematical explorations.

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Help your little ones practice their cutting skills in dependently.

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This is a great tool to help explore emotions and create discussion.

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A fun tool to start the day! Sing along to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and you can add your school name into the song.

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A fun interactive cube for children to put together, add their memories of the day and talk home with them so they can discuss what they’ve learned.

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Did you know?


Of our patients in 2021 were aged under 21

Get involved in fundraising!

Brew for the crew

Host a brew for the crew by bringing in home baked (or shop bought) cakes. Ask for a donation per cake and raise vital funds for our lifesaving charity. You could even invite parents or guardians!

Close up photo of the helicopter

Wear yellow and blue!

Ask for a minimum donation, such as £2, and wear our charity colours for the day. You could even use the resources above and theme the day around the North West Air Ambulance Charity.

Olly and Seb wear t-shirts with Mission 3.5 logo - a red footprint

Take on Mission 3.5

Did you know? On average one of our missions costs £3,500. Take on the challenge of completing 3.5 miles in just one week. Click below to read why the Cliffe family went the extra mile.

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