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In response to Covid-19, and going forward, we need volunteers to help us manage our collection tins that are situated across the North West. We need to ensure that we are able to access funds that have been donated to us by our generous supporters and we are undertaking a full review of our tin locations to make sure we have all the information need to make decisions about our tin collection strategy.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please email or call our head office on 0800 587 4570.


Phase 1 objectives

  • Need to research up to date contact details for approximately 2000 of our tin hosts
  • Need to make contact with all of the sites, approximately 4000, that currently host collection tins


Research roles

Research volunteer

If you feel comfortable using a laptop or a tablet, have some understanding of Excel spreadsheets, and have great attention to detail – this is what you will get up to…

  • You’ll be issued with a list of tin sites to research
  • For each of these sites, we need to collect up to date info including a telephone number and email address
  • You will be provided with a data sheet (excel spreadsheet) to fill in, you will input the info into the spreadsheet


Calling team volunteer

If you have access to a telephone (don’t worry, we’ll cover the cost of the calls), are polite and confident and have a good understanding of our charity – this is what you’ll get up to…

  • Our calling team will reach out to each tin site to collect info for our review project – you’ll find out if the site has a tin if they need it emptying, and if they want to support our charity further.
  • You’ll be issued with a script to help guide your conversations
  • You’ll update a spreadsheet with info regularly


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