Fundraising ideas (P-T)

Pamper evening

Host a pamper evening, invite friends and ask for donations in exchange for some pampering.

Personal challenge

Set yourself your own personal challenge and ask for sponsorship.

Quiz night

Hold a quiz night for family and friends and ask for donations.

Race night

Host a race night and donate the money.


Get businesses to donate prizes and host a raffle.


Take on a running challenge and ask for sponsorship.


Get sponsored to do a skydive.


Set up a sweepstake for football tournaments, Strictly Come Dancing, or horse racing, and split the sweep with us.

Swim challenge

Set your own or join an organised swimming challenge and ask for donations.


Plan your own trek or take part in an organised event and raise sponsorship.

Tuck shop

Run your own tuck shop and donate with all profits to NWAA.

Treasure hunt

Organise your own treasure hunt and ask family and friends to pay to enter.

child dressed as a superhero

Ready to fundraise?

Let us know your plans and our friendly team will be there to ensure your fundraising challenge is a success.

two women running through mud completing a running race

Events near you

We’ve got a jam-packed calendar full of challenges so you can put the fun in your fundraising.

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