Fundraising ideas (F-J)

Fashion show

Sell tickets to friends and family and host your own fashion show.

Fancy dress day

Make a donation and dress up for the day.

Film night

Invite friends to donate the cost of a film and watch a film at home.

Golf challenge

Host your own golf event.

Give something up

Give up something you love and ask family and friends to sponsor you. If you save any money from giving up your favourite treat you can also donate that.

Garden party

Host a garden party and encourage friends and family to donate.


Get sponsored to shave your head.


Organise your own hike or take part in an organised event and ask for sponsorship.

It’s a knockout

Create your own ‘It’s a Knockout’ obstacle course and charge an entry fee.

Jumble sale

Sell any of your unwanted items and donate the proceeds.

photo of crew member sat in the cockpit of a helicopter

Start fundraising

Register your idea and our friendly team will be in touch to help make your fundraising challenge is a success.

air ambulance response car with blue lights travelling on a road

Donate now

With no government or NHS funding, it’s your generosity that funds our service.

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