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Haerial is a hare with long ears wearing blue overalls and a helmet



Precise. Responsive. Alert.

Pilot Haerial is a skillful and adventurous Hare with swift reflexes, quick instincts and love for heights. Haerial is courageous, accurate and fast, making sure the Rotorhedz team get to every mission safely.

Foxtrot is a fox with a bushy tail with white tip wearing a red and yellow uniform and a helmet



Empathetic. Proactive. Calm.

Foxtrot is Rotorhedzā€™s dedicated paramedic. This Fox is calm and brings comfort and healing to those in need. Foxtrot is proactive and always one step ahead, ensuring the crew is stocked with essential medical supplies ready for the next mission.

Fixie is a pine marten who wears a blue outfit and a white cap.



Curious. Innovative. Practical.

A talented Pine Marten who brings curiosity, new ideas and practical skills as a helicopter and automobile engineer to the Rotorhedz. Fixie ensures all the vehicles are always in top shape, with their talent for quick problem-solving and ensures the vehicles are always ready for the next lifesaving mission.

Ozzie is an owl that wear a red and yellow outfit and a helmet



Wise. Insightful. Personable.

Doctor Ozzie is a wise Barn Owl who brings sharp senses and precision to the adventures of the Rotorhedz. Ozzie's quick thinking, natural abilities, and dedication to saving lives make them an important part of the team.

Relay is a hedgehog that wear a white shirt and blue pants



Organised. Adaptable. Investigator.

Every emergency call is received by Relay, an organized and sharp-minded hedgehog. As a crucial member of the crew, Relay operates from the control room at the Helipad base, ensuring that every call is swiftly responded to. With their exceptional focus, Relay plays a vital role in the success of the Rotorhedz missions.